The California Reform Institute (CRI) is a nonpartisan think tank working to advance innovative reform concepts designed to return California to its once vaunted competitiveness that has historically made this state the envy of the nation, and the world.

To achieve this transformation California needs to adopt 21st century policies that promote job creation, budgetary stability, student achievement, environmental sustainability, and governance accountability.  The result of this transformation will be an empowered and reinvigorated middle class that lifts families out of poverty and unleashes opportunities rooted in the exercise of individual liberties.

CRI is dedicated to crafting solutions that help make government work intelligently and efficiently, fully believing in the wisdom of Thomas Jefferson’s adage, “That government is best, which governs least”.

For example, CRI believes that taxation, regulation and public employment are necessary elements of a modern and successful democracy. However, California’s current taxation, regulatory, educational, and governance systems are preventing the state from keeping up with the changes that are rapidly and radically changing the global economy.  As a result quality jobs are fleeing the state, poverty levels are the highest in the nation, our middle class is stagnating, schools are chronically underfunded and underperforming, and our political discourse has devolved into paralysis and gridlock.

CRI’s mission is to develop and promote policy proposals that grow California’s middle class, not the size or power of centralized government.  Complex problems often require sophisticated solutions that don’t always fit on bumper stickers or entail vast new government programs.

The failure of policymakers to keep pace with the dynamic changes occurring globally will result in the continued slide of the state’s competitiveness.  The challenge cannot be met by simply refighting the tired political battles of the past. Rather, it needs to be reframed with modern policy solutions that move the state forward with a smaller and more nimble and accountable government that is responsive to the fast-changing realities of the 21st Century.